Signs of Wisdom Teeth Cysts

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common procedure offered by any oral surgeon in Manhattan, NY. Many people end up having their wisdom teeth extracted in their teen years because there can sometimes be issues with those teeth coming in. However, it is possible for the wisdom teeth to come in normally and without complication. 

Dr. Doron Kalman and the staff at Leading Edge Oral Surgery can help you determine if your wisdom teeth will require extraction – but what about cysts? How do you know if you have a cyst around a wisdom tooth?


One of the first symptoms of any cyst will be swelling in the area. You may have a cyst if your wisdom teeth have not broken through yet and there is abnormal swelling in the back of your mouth where the teeth are expected to break through. Cysts are fluid-filled sacs, and you may be able to tell that the swelling is filled with fluid just by looking at it or touching it. This is a good indication that you should see your dentist.


Pain is another clear indicator of a problem. If you notice swelling accompanied by pain in the area of your wisdom teeth, they may be having trouble breaking through. While teeth coming in is not a painless process, excessive pain is problematic.

Shifting of Surrounding Teeth

A cyst may also shift any teeth in the surrounding area, so if the pain and swelling seems to be spilling over to other teeth and making them look more raised than normal, you may be dealing with a cyst.

Arrange an Appointment Right Away

If you suspect you have a wisdom tooth cyst, you need to have an examination by Dr. Kalman right away. It may be nothing, but if it is indicating a problem, Dr. Kalman will be able to take care of it and get you feeling better sooner. 

To schedule your appointment, contact our office today.

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